About Varicose Veins
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Like arteries, veins carry blood. Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart, while veins return blood from the extremities to the heart (to be once again enriched with oxygen). An artery is like an open garden hose, while veins have one-way valves to prevent blood from flowing in reverse.

Complete or partial failure of the one-way valves that are critical to efficient blood flow allows blood to flow backwards through the vein, and to pool. Valve failure (known as reflux, or venous insufficiency) dilates the vein, increases pressure on healthy valves, and results in the twisted, enlarged, unsightly veins that are commonly called varicose veins. Because they reduce the efficiency of blood circulation, eliminating varicose veins is more than an esthetic consideration.

Small or Short Saphenous Vein Great or Long Saphenous Vein

Healthy Vein
Damaged Vein (with Leaking Valves)
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